Reporting on Menopause Cafe

Reporting on Menopause Cafe

As I promised, an update on the first opening of a Menopause Cafe in the island of Ireland. It was a great success and was completley sold out in a matter of a few days. Rest assured, we will be having more of these events as it is evident that there is a pent up demand for women (and men) to be informed about how to manage the menopause.

It started with Good Morning Ulster on BBC Sounds, in which I gave a brief chat (around one hour twenty minutes into the show)

Good Morning Ulster


Then BBC Northern Ireland gave a report,

18/09/2021 · A menopause cafe in Belfast helps women who need support or are confused about symptoms. … Women share symptoms and support in Belfast cafeBy Claire Graham BBC News NI. Published 18 September.

This was followed up by an RTE report by Northern Editor Vincent Kearney,

Café initiative encourages women to chat about menopause

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